Here at AP Studios we offer a wide range of services and we keep expanding adding new ones. Our setup is very flexible so if you can't find something that you need just give us a call.


The most important step in making a record in our opinion is the recording process. Highly overlooked today, this task is the first and most important stage of a production. Many people feel that everything can be fixed at mixing and mastering stage, in part that's true but in reality there is no processor or computer wizard that can cover up a bad recording. Definitely the sound can be improved later but a badly tuned drum kit, recorded in a badly tuned room with 8 mics will never sound as good as a properly tuned drum kit, recorded in a great room with only 3 mics, at any stage. We strive to getting things right from the first step which is the key to obtaining quality finished products. We achieve this through combining the knowledge and experience of our engineers and acousticians with our great equipment and room acoustics.
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Mixing is a very important step to make recordings sound well balanced and professional. It begins with a good recording and it's one of those tasks where little adjustments make a drastic difference and where creativity can play a big role.
The state of art acoustic treatment combined with our superb Focal twin 6 speakers makes our control room a natural and transparent mixing environment. We mostly mix in the analogue domain with our Midas Heritage 1000, 40 channel desk and analogue outboard equipment instead of plugins which are just simulations of outboards. The Midas Heritage series consoles are some of the very best analog consoles ever made, revered mostly for their super clean but yet musical preamp and EQ. Nothing beats the feel and sound of a great analog board. Initially the mixing begins with the engineer creating the substructure of the mix and afterwards the client can work alongside the engineer to make minor adjustments and finalising.
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Mastering is the final step in audio production and it is probably the most misunderstood and abused process which has become regarded as the way to turn a song into a professional product.The truth is that achieving a great finished product is a result of a variety of steps throughout the duration of making a record. Many people these days seem to misperceive loudness as quality when they are listening to a distorted song with no punch or clarity. There is so much more to be said on this matter but here is a video on you tube that gives a little more insight  "Loudness War". We use apogee converters and the best analogue outboard equipment to polish and enhance your mixes to be competitive with other commercial release. Through careful limiting we will only make them sound as loud as you wish. Our mastered CDs are delivered red-book standard ready for duplication.
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Voice Overs

Recording your professional voice over couldn’t be easier.

With our state of art, acoustically treated rooms and isolation panels, we create the perfect environment for recording your voice.  From our extensive range of microphones we will find the best one to best suit your voice.  We also have royalty free scripts available for your voice over demos & the facility to edit and print script.

We have experience in creating voice overs for audio & video ads, training materials, video games, audio guides and article narration. We also provide a post- production service. All our productions comply with the new standard: EBU R128 or European Broadcasting Union Recommendation.

If you require a voice over artist we have an in-house very talented voice over artist that you can book. See below for profile and have a listen to his sound reel.

Anthony Bolton is an Irish-born actor .He studied at the Oxford School of Drama, where there is a strong accent on radio training and sound production for the actor. He has acted in Edinburgh ,London and Dublin in work as diverse as Shakespeare, Mamet, Ibsen and Bond. He is particularly interested in the creative art of voice-acting in this new age of internet radio and multimedia platforms.
Capable of all styles,diverse accents and eager to collaborate. 
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Video & Photography

We want to present you at your best. To ensure the best quality we shoot in HD and RAW. To achieve this we use a combination of high quality Canon cameras, project specific lenses and a range of lighting equipment. To edit your project we use a variety of editing software - check out our equipment list for more details.

Our studio provides a fantastic ambience for music videos and photo shoots.
We also have neutral backdrops, a black and a white which are perfect for actor monologues and still photo shoots. We can also go on location if required for video production and photo shoots. 
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On Line Sessions

Do you like the A.P. Studios drum sound but can’t make it to the studio?

Don’t worry, we can provide all of our services at a distance, without the need for you to travel to our studios. Thanks to high speed broadband, all you need to do is send us your tracks from anywhere in the world and we will take it from there. Our online services include recording, editing, mixing, mastering and re-amping. We have in-house session musicians’ to take care of your every requirement.

We cater for projects of every size, from single instrument track recordings to complete album productions. All you need to do is send us your tracks through our secure file upload.  We will provide a live video link for you where you can virtually be in the studio with us and talk to the session musicians and the engineer to give directions on your project.  Also you'll be able to monitor the audio master channel in high quality in real time.
We assure you that there is no compromise to the quality of your project tracks by availing of our online sessions.

We also provide a popular Re-Amping service – send us your unprocessed guitar and bass DI tracks and we will run them through our equipment.
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Music Marketing

Have you though about marketing yourself as an artist or band?

By now you have invested a lot of time and effort into recording and producing your music, so doesn't it make sense to present your music in the same professional and memorable manner to the whole world.
With the emergence of artists taking control and releasing their music themselves, we can offer you the essential services that you will need at a fraction of the cost of employing a music agency or PR consultant.
Besides our professional video and photography services, we can assist you with cd duplication, cd art work design as well as developing artist websites and social media presence. We understand how brand awareness and positioning are vital for your future success. 
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